A Short Interview with Esther DeVille

A Short Interview with Esther DeVille
On April 21st, appeeling held a large-scale photo shoot. Some of the amazing people who modeled for us include Brad Puddin', Esther DeVille, Imogen Quest, Red Herring, Mona Moore, and Matt Eldracher. After these fabulous people were done modeling, I had the opportunity to sit down with a few of these lovely people and ask them some questions about themselves and appeeling. Below, is appeeling's short interview with Esther Deville.
  1. How did you first hear about appeeling?
    Through GigSalad, I got an invite to do the shoot

  2. Did you volunteer to come today or did someone reach out to you?
    Someone reached out

  3. What was your favourite part about your photoshoot today?
    Today, I think it was just getting to dress up and have fun. It was a very relaxed atmosphere. I didn’t know what to expect because gigs through GigSalad can be weird.

  4. How do you think our company can benefit you?
    I think there’s potential to work together in the future, either having me model or as a promo model. I think we could do a sponsorship, we could give away product or raffle it off, promoting your company at events. I own my own business.

  5. How did you find the fit of the pasties you wore today? Were they comfortable?
    The pasties were comfortable. Some of them fit better than others — the flat ones don’t fit breasts quite as well, so having the concave pasties was really nice

  6. In what scenario(s) do you see yourself using our products?
    I would probably wear them if I was going to the sex club as a sort of a body jewelry, or for photoshoots if I was doing something.

  7. What does body positivity mean to you?
    To me, body positivity is loving the skin that you are in, no matter the shape. It is tough, but it can be done. I think body positivity is feeling good in your own skin. 

  8. What do you think we should do in the future, what next steps do you think we should take?
    Doing trade shows — I used to do Sexaplooza (at the Toronto International Centre), and it would be a great place to sell your products.

Thank you!

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