A Short Interview with Brad Puddin'

A Short Interview with Brad Puddin'

On April 21st, appeeling held a large-scale photo shoot. Some of the amazing people who modeled for us include Brad Puddin', Esther DeVille, Imogen Quest, Red Herring, Mona Moore, and Matt Eldracher. After these fabulous people were done modeling, I had the opportunity to sit down with a few of these lovely people and ask them some questions about themselves and appeeling. Below, is appeeling's short interview with Brad Puddin'.
  1. Can you tell me a bit about what you do?
    I am a burlesque performer, I have musical theatre performance degree from Sheraton college. After school, a few years later, I found burlesque. It was one of those things that I found for me that was a perfect fit. It’s musical theatre with freedom. My beginning came in November of 2007 when I was in High Society Cabaret's production of "Silent Goodbye" as Frankie Bonaducci. My burley parents are Knox Harter (momma Knox), and James and the giant pasty (poppa pasty).

  2. How did you first hear about appeeling?
    I heard about appeeling through it through Matt Eldracher. He posted on High Society Cabaret's group and expressed a huge interest in this company. After making sure I was available, I was very touched by what this company is spreading, that it is positive, anybody can sparkle, and everyone is beautiful. That is very important. 

  3. What was your favourite part of your photo shoot today?
    I would say the atmosphere. The people who are running the company / involved in it really share the message of body positivity. It isn’t fake or put on just to sell. It legitimately comes from the heart — as soon as I walked in the door, I could tell that everyone here was welcoming and warm. It is 100% genuine.

  4. How do you think our company can benefit you?
    I think as a burlesque performer, pasties are necessary for a bunch of acts, so that's something very useful on a tangible level. Especially since I struggle with body image issues, to come into an environment and have a company that makes you feel good, I think it is very beneficial. If a company can provide that, I think that is very important — If I feel good about myself, I don’t think anything can stop me. 

  5. How did you find the fit of the pasties you wore today? Were they comfortable?
    Definetely. They fit well, and are easy to apply, I had a lot of fun with them, and they look great.

  6. In what scenario(s) do you see yourself using our products?
    On stage, even for costume parties, as I have a lot of friends that enjoy that. So I think that having affordable pasties that everyone has access to, everybody can sparkle, feel good, and have a good time. To dress up, or just under your clothing,

  7. What does body positivity mean to you?
    I think body positivity means respecting another human being, regardless of what body they have. I think especially bigger bodies tend to be disrespected for no other reason than that they’re bigger bodies. I think body positivity really means to be respecting of the body you have and to be accepting of what you have. 

  8. What do you think we should do in the future, what next steps do you think we should take?
    I think the pasties work better on bare skin vs. hairy skin. Stronger adhesive maybe. I think obviously reaching out to burlesque and queer communities can be very beneficial, because both communities tend to buy this sort of thing.

  9. Any additional questions or comments?
    I had an incredible time here and if from the ground up, its that loving of an environment, the product will definitely shine because of that seed of love. 

    Thank you!

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