Burlesque is defined as a comically exaggerated imitation of something, especially in a literary or dramatic work. Burlesque is an amazing creative outlet for many, and the passion and work put into every burlesque show is absolutely remarkable. The burlesque community is made up of a bunch of insanely talented, passionate, fun and flirty people who put on beautiful shows for others (an, of course, themselves) to enjoy. In Toronto, the burlesque scene is heating up — and we want to make you aware of a few hot names in the burlesque community, as well as where you can go and see some amazing shows in the city.

In the following weeks, I will be posting interviews with some of Toronto's most fabulous burlesque and boylesque dancers. In the meantime, you can read below to see where you can enjoy some of the city's finest joints to either enjoy watching or enjoying learning, the art of burlesque!

In Toronto, you can go and see burlesque shows at the following locations:

  • Revival
    At Revival, you can enjoy regular acts such as Les Femmes Fatales, or enjoy Kitty Night Toronto which is a burlesque event that occurs on every second Saturday of the month
  • Lula Lounge
    Lula Lounge is a bar down in Brockton Village that features both old and new burlesque acts, including both their Knockout and SIZZLE! events.
  • The Rivoli
    A favourite of many Torontonians, along with their amazing food, the Rivoli on Queen West hosts monthly shows featuring a variety of both new and well established burlesque performers. Well-known burlesque performer Red Herring presents Toronto’s monthly social burlesque show at the Rivoli, hosted on the first Wednesday of every month. As described on the Toronto School of Burlesque’s website, a social burlesque show is one where you are encouraged to get up, talk, network, eat, drink and have fun! It’s much more than just a  sit-down show.
  • Cherry Cola’s Rock ’N’ Rolla Cabaret Lounge
    Located at Bathurst and Queen, this bar features Sinful Sundays, where drag and burlesque performances can be enjoyed by all!

Burlesque Classes in Toronto:

  • The Toronto School of Burlesque
    The Toronto School of Burlesque offers a variety of classes to help you get in touch with your inner burlesque dancer and tastefully fun and flirty. All of the school’s instructors are certified and/or experienced in the arts that they teach to their classes, as assured by the school’s website. Some of the classes the Toronto School of Burlesque offers are Taste of the Tease, Technique classes, Choreography classes, and Conditioning classes. Whatever you decide to explore at the Toronto School of Burlesque, they will most definitely help you get in touch with your sexy, fun, and flirty self.



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