A Short Interview with Imogen Quest

A Short Interview with Imogen Quest

On April 21st, appeeling held a large-scale photo shoot. Some of the amazing people who modeled for us include Brad Puddin', Esther DeVille, Imogen Quest, Red Herring, Mona Moore, and Matt Eldracher. After these fabulous people were done modeling, I had the opportunity to sit down with a few of these lovely people and ask them some questions about themselves and appeeling. Below, is appeeling's short interview with Imogen Quest. 

  1. How did you first hear about appeeling?
    Through Matt Drachler, through a company that we both work for. He told me “here is the website, check them out, I’m working with them".

  2. What was your favourite part about your photoshoot today?
    It was really delightful all around, and a large food spread is always a good thing to have. Everything was really lovely from the moment I got here.

  3. How do you think our company can benefit you?
    I’m a burlesque performer, so we really love the bedazzled pasties. I’m a really big fan of the rhinestone and tassel pasties because they can last a long time and are good as a grab-and-go. I always like to have an extra set of pasties — these pasties [rhinestones] are the best, I find, to have as a backup pair. We can’t really use the exposed nipple pasties in our shows though, because it’s illegal for women to show their exposed nipples on stage.

  4. How did you find the fit of the pasties you wore today? Were they comfortable?
    They were super comfortable, and the adhesive was comfortable. It’s nice because you can reposition them after you put them on with little trouble.

  5. In what scenario(s) do you see yourself using our products?
    Primarily burlesque festivals — both on and off stage. The ones that I probably can’t use on stage, I can wear during a festival. I was eyeing the gemstone pasties and I think I’m going to wear them under a sheer shirt my mother got for me.

  6. What does body positivity mean to you?
    It’s sort of everyone’s individual journey — it means learning how to love yourself. For me, it has a lot to do with accepting yourself, it’s the first step. You have to accept the things that make you unique or different — if you look at it from of point of pride rather than shame, you can live your best self. Once you display yourself instead of hiding yourself, I think you learn to become comfortable with yourself, instead of being insecure.

  7. What do you think we should do in the future, what next steps do you think we should take?
    More product shots, looking for diversity in your models, who has come to you from your casting call — what body types are you missing? Who else needs to be represented? Size and colour. Maybe you guys should look into the burlesque festival coming up, so if you guys could get a vendor there that would be great. People don’t necessarily go to shows to buy pasties, but they do at festivals (on a smaller scale). On a larger scale, at burley-con in Seattle, people go out to buy products — this would be a great way to get out to the burlesque community.

Thank you!
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