Breast Self Exams - for you and your partner to do!

Breast Self Exams - for you and your partner to do!

💕October is breast cancer awareness month - always a reflective time for me and a perfect time to remind you to take care of your breast assets.

I am delighted to repost this step by step guide by the beautiful @mycancerchic 💕 for you and your partner. I have battled breast cancer twice and I found out it recurred early because my partner found it.

Self care is self love. Make it a part of your every day.

With love, Andrea


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Most women (and men) don’t actually know how to do a self-breast exam and this was me before my breast cancer diagnosis at age 27. ⁠

Cancer forced me to see the importance of monthly self-breast exams but you can be empowered wand take control of your breast health today. Make a self-breast exam part of your routine on the 1st of every month #feelitonthefirst and get to know your boobies.⁠



1. Feel your breast with 3 fingers in circular or horizontal motions looking for any lumps, bumps, dimples, discharge or pain⁠

2. Feel in your armpit and side of your boob particularly on the lymph node areas. Check for the same abnormalities ⁠

3. Feel your neck (lymph nodes), collar bone and upper check looking for any lumps, bumps or pain. Sickness or the COVID19 vaccine can cause your lymph nodes to be swollen so avoid doing your exam at that time to avoid unnecessary panic⁠

4. Repeat on the other breast.⁠

5. Finish the exam by hunching over and looking at your breasts in a mirror from all angles to look for dimpling, lumps, and any other changes. ⁠

If you notice anything concerning from month to month get it checked out immediately by your gynecologist or primary care doctor

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