Creative Inspiration: Designing Nipple Pasties With and For Every-Body

Creative Inspiration: Designing Nipple Pasties With and For Every-Body

We often get asked where we draw our creative inspiration from. We have over 300 designs and add more almost weekly. If you would have told me this when we started appeeling, I would not have believed it. Creativity, I believe is not a product but a process.  And, for those, like me, who are fuelled by this force it can be a very time consuming process that is often stalled by heaps of self imposed perfectionist-driven hurdles.

What I have come to love, and what has broken the barriers of doubt in my role as a designer is openly embracing creative inspiration from our customers, our models, our production partners and our breast friends. We absolutely love feedback and creativity from all sources.  And, I have to say it brings us immense joy creating something we know people will love.  

As a company that is focused on, and supportive of, our communities we love designing for all celebrations and the moments that make them.  Pride, Carnival, Burlesque and Festivals each have their own unique personalities and ways to celebrate every-body.  This is a vast reservoir of creative fuel.

The smaller and more intimate elements of creative inspiration for us is the knowledge that what we are making is a mechanism for self expression. Whether it is a public show or a private glow, we deeply respect individual self expression and self  the confidence that comes with it.  As Rachel Zoe said " style is a way to say who you are without saying a word". So when we are lucky enough to have our pasties styled by artistic ingenues like @rubiemagnitude we are fuelled to bring even more creativity to the sexy and sassy world of nipple pasties.  

Too often companies design products without embracing the personalities that will bring them to life.   That is not the case at appeeling.   At it's heart, we are a body celebration brand and the creativity that ensues is the commitment to create designs that celebrate every-body.  And, as we always say, pasties are nothing without personality. 

Andrea Johnson is a global entrepreneur, speaker, storyteller and passionate community activist. She is the founder & SHE-E-O of Appeeling – a body celebration brand selling fun and flirty pasties that are perfect for every body. See more at






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