Beautiful words from our muse - Mina Von VIxen

Beautiful words from our muse - Mina Von VIxen

It’s so nice to finally get back into a studio! It’s insane to think that in June I booked one of my first photoshoots of 2021. Thankfully there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel for the world’s situation and what better way to celebrate than showcasing more of BeAppeeling’s glittering designs.

This is my fifth! (yes 5th!) time modelling and writing for BeAppeeling and I couldn’t be happier. Sure, last year we had to get a little creative by turning my hallway into a mini studio, but it’s always fun to be a part of BeAppeeling’s journey.


Cosmopolitan pasties

The name of these beautiful tassels just fits so well! The colours perfectly match a cosmopolitan cocktail, and they’ll bring you the same amount of joy as one too! The ‘Cosmopolitan’ tassels, whilst traditional in shape, are incredibly versatile. I opted for vintage opera gloves and a vintage handmade skirt to make them pop.

$2 of each sale is donated to Look Good Feel Better.

Rainbow Bright

BeAppeeling have an amazing range of pride pasties, I’d highly recommend checking them all out, however these ones really stood out to me. I love how robust they are, the rhinestones are heavy and the base is hard, perfect pastie engineering!

rainbow pride

I also wanted to own my own story with these pasties, for years I’ve flown a little under the radar with my sexuality, I’ve never fully had a “coming-out’ moment. So with that being said… I’m Bisexual (Hi Mum!). It took me a little while to fully embrace my sexuality, sometimes it was over-sexualised by people as I was trying to figure it out myself (which only complicates things). Thanks to finding a safe group of people and my fiancé later on in life, I’ve felt more comfortable with it, enjoying what I have to offer the world and embracing everything that comes with it.

Shell Shock

Okay, back to it. Ultimate mermaid energy! If you were ever struggling to channel your inner Ariel look no further. ‘Shell Shock’ comes in three glorious glittering colours. They’re lightweight and easy to apply, perfect for dressing up and just having fun.

Pumpkin Spice

This is Halloween, This is Halloween… Everybody knows I live for all things autumn and especially Halloween, so when I saw these cute little pasties I knew they needed a home in my collection. Whilst in the studio shooting these, I creased myself up with the worlds worst dad joke… BOObies. You’re welcome.


I especially loved the fact that on the back of the pastie there was a soft felt disc that the adhesive went around creating a little more comfort for your nipples. They’re still very lightweight and again, very fun for dressing up (who doesn’t love dressing up for Halloween?!).

Be Mine

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