Body Celebration - by Mina von Vixen

Body Celebration - by Mina von Vixen

A blog post about appeeling from the incomparable Mina Von Vixen

BeAppeeling have an amazing range of pride pasties, I’d highly recommend checking them all out, however these ones really stood out to me. I love how robust they are, the rhinestones are heavy and the base is hard, perfect pastie engineering!

I also wanted to own my own story with these pasties, for years I’ve flown a little under the radar with my sexuality, I’ve never fully had a “coming-out’ moment. So with that being said… I’m Bisexual (Hi Mum!). It took me a little while to fully embrace my sexuality, sometimes it was over-sexualised by people as I was trying to figure it out myself (which only complicates things). Thanks to finding a safe group of people and my fiancé later on in life, I’ve felt more comfortable with it, enjoying what I have to offer the world and embracing everything that comes with it.



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