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I have always found that pasties have been a staple in my lingerie wardrobe especially considering I have to be visual on social media without compromising various restrictive terms and conditions regarding nipples. I personally discovered them after receiving sets in loans from designers when I used to do model photography on editorials for the same reasons and always enjoyed using them going forward.

I discovered Appeeling when I had asked for recommendations on pasties as I was after some more to add to my collection. We spoke for a while and they kindly contacted me and gifted me a box which I have then used over the course of the year until we decided to collaborate again! I was thrilled because we had had such a positive experience already and as a brand they are so supportive and encouraging.

Firstly I want to address the elephant in the room as I have spoken with Appeeling regarding a comment left recently on a Question and Answer session on my instagram in which someone wanted to slander us both saying we were endorsing fast fashion as Appeeling was not truly independent. This is untrue.

Appeeling designs approximately 80% of their designs. Andrea and their team value them being able to have as much input in the design process as possible. The other 20% are with valued production partners that provide alternative designs that are approved by the Appeeling team. Some pasties are made in house by Appeeling whereas others are produced with manufacturers and warehouses that pay a fair living wage and are willing to co-operate and have input in the design processes. Andrea did actually quote to me “Our designs are routinely copied by big companies. Amazon routinely tracks well sold items and makes and sells them themselves.  Shocking to me, really.  I have had this happen a lot.

Personally I was most impressed that they also brought up a point that they work with other companies that value time and worker time to remove inhumane working hours to meet the demand of immediate gratification culture which often is not an open discussed point.

Furthermore Appeeling is a Canadian based brand which is affiliated with the local LGBTQ Youthline which is a peer based phone support charity and Look Good Feel Better Canada which is a Cancer support charity both of which on the outside seem beautiful choices of affiliations and a position of proceeds go to both of these. Appeeling owner is a two time cancer survivor and therefore clearly their ethics and commitment to body positivity trickle into this business which is amazing.

The Appeeling pasties are pre-glued in the sense that they come with a whole coverage sticky back, not just fabric where you would apply your own double sided tape and stick them yourself. The major takeaway I enjoy about having the whole sticky back is that having a large surface area means that the support for heavier or more robust pasties is achievable with ease whereas I used to have to have tactical cutting to keep heavier pasties on in the past. Ultimately it does mean the longevity of these is reduced but dependant on care as the sticky back are washable and ultimately you could when the stickiness runs out, move back to double sided tape. The consistency may not be for some sensitive souls and if you have allergies pre-glued pasties might not be the right fit for you but I’d recommend contact the brand direct to discuss.


I always feel our initial exposure to pasties is in burlesque, theatre and movies usually regarding the same. Costuming that is both magnificent and grand whilst keeping modesty! Of course in my wilder dreams I would love to have the capability of performing and the magical talent of tassel swinging but in the meantime, I can do the same simply in the confines of my home to feel the same wonder to a degree. The conical pasties from Appeeling are comfortable and secure, they can take a fair amount of movement although I am no performer myself, they certainly stay firm whilst attempting the same! Practically conical or tasselled pasties are not going to be every bodies go too on a generic level but
are certainly a lot of fun if you are making an order anyway!


I personally use pasties to censor my social media lingerie and images safely. This can range from being obviously done or subtly. Pasties for me almost acts the same as accessories like jewellery does whereas I can simply add to an outfit with or without distraction, depending on the intention. I commonly use plain pasties to be discreet if I want specific outfits or items to be on display or I will use more embellished pasties to either elevate an item or bring attention to the pasties themselves. Using pasties means that I can also photograph, video and post cupless bras and harnesses or even bottoms or corsets that I do not have a top garment for and remain social media appropriate which otherwise was previously difficult to post.


Finally the last styling element I personally use my pasties for is for occasions when I cannot wear a bra but do not want my nipples to be a prominent aspect of my outfit in which I can wear either full coverage pasties or even just thin sticker style pasties either beige or skin coloured or diamante stickers. This also applies for if I am wearing an outfit in which there is a risk of flashing or otherwise that I may want to avoid. I have often done this with cowl neck dresses in case my drunken self slipped a boob!


The pasties range from $4.50 (Even $1.95 in the sale) to $69.95. As they come from Canada UK people want to check that before receiving your goods, you may have to pay VAT or Customs. At the moment the threshold is that goods don’t have extra if it under £135 I believe. Whilst I am confident that the pasties I have will last me a significantly long time, I certainly won’t hesitate to buy directly from Appeeling!

On a personal note it is important to me that I work without judgement with brands who respect me, irrespective of who they may be as my audience can be anyone who might want lingerie whether it is luxe or budget and I love at Appeeling is a brand that is attainable cost-wise.

When it comes to ethical statements I think it important to also consider the ethical nature of both conduct and communication. More often than not people, brands, companies, approach influencers and bloggers with poor conduct everyday with unrealistic expectations to boot. Appeeling has been genuinely interested, kind, talkative and upfront about budget which has made working with them a joy and a consideration I will always bear in mind because of how I have been treated.

Thank you Appeeling for keeping me media safe, being lovely people and designing beautiful pasties!

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