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STRAWBERRY WINE Strawberry, Reusable Gem Nipple Pasties, Pasty (2pcs)

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Introducing our new STRAWBERRY WINE nipple pasties – Just like Tennessee whiskey smooths the edges of a long day, and strawberry wine sweetens the moments worth remembering, these pasties add a layer of intricate beauty and daring charm to your personal expression. Designed for those who carry their boldness with elegance, these pasties are a delicious fashion statement, blending an irresistible aesthetic with a whisper of the untamed.

Despite their impactful presence, these pasties are surprisingly lightweight, allowing for effortless elegance and an added sensational sparkle to any look. Intricately handcrafted with love, each piece is as unique as the individual who wears it, ensuring that your personal style narrative is as delectable and distinctive as you are.

● Materials: Red, Green and black glitter and gems on a lightweight foam base with hypo-allergenic, non latex adhesive (reusable). Tassels are removable.
● Dimensions/Size: 3 " x 3"
● Quantity: One package contains 2 pieces
● Packaging: Everything is packaged in reusable drawstring bags for beautiful and discreet storage

These nipple tassels are ready-to-wear. Just peel and stick! The adhesive is also reusable. This AND the tassels are removable, they are perfect for hours of flirty and fashionable fun.

Appeeling proudly supports the LGBTQ+ community 🌈 and cancer charities focusing on body positivity programs.