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PRINCESS BRIDE BUNDLE 2 PAIRS (4 pcs) Nipple Pastie Set – SALE

PRINCESS BRIDE BUNDLE 2 PAIRS (4 pcs) Nipple Pastie Set – SALE

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Whether this is a gift for yourself or someone else, this exquisite bundle is sure to welcome years of bliss. 2 pairs of pasties for 1 great price! A white and gold mix of fabulousness with 1 pair of our PRINCESS BRIDE blue and silver heart nipple pasties and 1 pair of our BLUE BELLE exquisite pasties with removable tassels.  These pasties are a stunning personal fashion accessory on your big day or any day, expression of love. Our pasties are handmade with love, and it shows! They are ready-to-wear and come self-adhesive - just peel and stick! Express your love any way want. Here's to you, gorgeous! 

Pssst.... we love packaging as much as our products! So if this is a gift, we promise to delight.

Remember, confidence is sexy. Wear it daily.

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