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MIDAS Glitter and Gem GOLD Teardrop Nipple Pasty, Cover (2 pcs) for Lingerie Festivals Carnival Burlesque Rave

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You are 24 carat, baby. These MIDAS nipple pasties are bursting with gold glitter and gems and radiate a mirror-ball-like effect. Everything you touch in these will turn to gold. These nipple covers are a formed teardrop shape and a little on the generous side of the size spectrum and perfect for anyone wanting a visual anti-gravity trick. They are ready to wear (or ride!) - simply peel & stick. And with proper care, they are reusable.

Like you are, these nipple covers are a perfect reason to celebrate and are made for every-body. Pasties are beautiful accessory to any outfit and attitude! You can wear these flirty and fashionable accessories with your lingerie wardrobe, rave outfits, festivals, Carnival celebrations, burlesque outfits, costumes or just with a smile.

J'ADOR body collar/chain sold separately.

These pasties are sweatproof and perfect for any private or public runway. These are reusable. You can easily wash, store, and reuse them with proper care for future body celebration moments!

Appeeling proudly supports the LGBTQ+ community and cancer charities focusing on body positivity programs.

Material: Silicon with Hypo-allergenic Adhesive.
Dimensions/Size: 3 x 4 in ( 9 cm x 7.62 cm)
Quantity: One package contains 2 pieces
Packaging: Everything is packaged in reusable bags for easy and discreet storage