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BLOSSOM Hot Pink & Yellow Flower Nipple Pasty, Covers (2pcs) w/Pink and Gold Beaded Removable Tassels for Lingerie Carnival Burlesque Rave

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These stunning handmade BLOSSOM pasties are the perfect addition to every landscape. This floral design is bursting with hot pink and gold gems and has a gorgeous pink and golden tassel which is removable (perfect for many different looks!) Do not be fooled by the big bold appearance - these pasties are lightweight and reusable – perfect barely-there-flair for any outfit or attitude. You grow girl!

Material:Hot Pink and Gold Glitter, Gems on a medical grade adhesive black foam base; pink removable tassel
Dimensions/Size: 2.75 in ( 7 cm) ; with tassel = 7 " (17.8 cm) long
Quantity: One package contains 2 pieces
Weight: 0.045 kg (45 grams)
Tassels: removable (with clip)

Adhesive: Medical grade, latex free adhesive.
Reusable: Yes! Simply wipe after use and adhere the packaging then store & repeat!
Giving back: Appeeling supports the LGBTQ+ community and cancer charities focusing on body positivity programs.