What is old is NOT new again

What is old is NOT new again

In the 1950s, striptease artistes had to navigate many rules that varied state by state. For its second issue, of December 1953, Chicago-based Carnival magazine hired Bettie Page to demonstrate the various legal constraints on stripping in different US states.The cover model is Lilly Christine, aka The Cat Girl. The photographer is Nick de Morgoli, as seen in the less salubrious Vogue and LIFE magazines (Flashbak.com)

The sad reality today is that this very image will get us censored and the algorithm recommendation turned off and we will get banned, Again.

Censorship is a real threat for small businesses. Even our mannequins that we use for design and display are considered a violation of 'community standards'. I know we are not alone in this sad reality. But the real threat, the silent threat, are the algorithms that are employed. Instagram recently changed its algorithms ( or really a set of algorithms, there is not just one) to a ranked algorithm. I am simplifying it here but basically the higher you rank on a set of variables. Also, at the top,
Community standards no longer apply. And the more you are shown ( or rewarded). This is precisely why big businesses like @savagexfenty can communicate and express freely, but small businesses cannot. Algorirthms are designed to make money for ad revenue not community development.

It is simple. 'Like' your favorite small businesses and artisans with wild abandon. Realize that everytime you click, it means something. You have this power. At appeeling, our social strategy now includes liking the hell out of our fellow businesses, breast friends and artisans as much as we can.

Content consumption is a power we all have. Use this power intentionally and with a guided heart and head.

Andrea Galley, Founder & She-E-O, Appeeling Ltd.

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