Burlesque Legends Prove The Power Of Pasties Doesn't Fade With Age

Burlesque Legends Prove The Power Of Pasties Doesn't Fade With Age

 (Huffington Post, 2013). An article so rich in character it exudes inspiration with every divine description of this bevy of beauties. Add in the exquisite photography of @stephaniediani who captures the legendary beauty of these burlesque goddesses,it is both a feast for the senses as well as a welcomed moment of celebration for women who paved the way for many of us.

"I loved spending time with the women: they were wry and smart and playful. In June 2009, I photographed Hall of Fame legend Big Fannie Annie, by her own account 450 pounds of sizzling sex, in a hotel room in Vegas where she and Satan’s Angel were getting ready to perform during over Hall of Fame weekend. Angel asked Fannie: 'Do you have any of that cum-in-a-can I can use?' -- a reference to the industrial strength hairspray that is an essential tool of their trade. Another, Toni Elling, took her name from Duke Ellington, whom she used to know."

Goddess featured: Candy Baby Caramelo

For us at Appeeling, this is reminder that authenticity is what matters. On days where we have to seriously question whether or not to distill our brand and not share is true beauty for fear of succumbing to censorship police, this will serve as motivation to never let any barrier stop us from being who we are. The power of pasties will never fade!

I wanted to share a HUGE thank you to @stephaniediani for the generous permission to share your extraordinary photography. I am forever grateful ❤️
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