Breast Cancer Awareness Month - A note from our Founder

Breast Cancer Awareness Month - A note from our Founder

This beautiful young woman is an accomplished author, artist, mental health advocate and body positive champion. She is also the most loyal, kind, empathetic and loving person to anyone who is in her presence. You will always be the most important person in the room with her. She is a blessing. She is a gift. I am so blessed to say she my daughter.⠀

When she was 6 years old she, her sister and I were walking through a department store. We stopped to look at a mother with a new born baby. We spoke of this baby and how sweet he was. I said “having my babies was the best thing I ever did”. We continued walking with smiles on their faces but when we reached the cashier she said ”Mummy, you’re wrong”. I argued with her and said I was absolutely right. She persisted with her assertion then said “not dying of cancer was the best thing you’ve ever done”. We were both right. ⠀

I am reminded of this story for many reasons. As today marks the start of #breastcancerawareness month I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to live every single day; to have been blessed to see my two daughters grow up and turn into the brilliant, accomplished and connected young women I always knew they would be. I am reminded that in order to fight anything in life we need an army and that we should always be loyal to our troops and celebrate the generals who fight alongside of us. I am also reminded that despite a dozen or so surgeries my body is beautiful, strong and exactly what it is supposed to be and that hopefully this view is an example to motivate others to do the same.⠀

My daughters continue to be my generals in life, in love and in here as they support my vision at appeeling. And, I will always welcome them telling me I am wrong. ⠀

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