Being Fashion Forward Means That The Choice to Reveal or Conceal is Yours

Being Fashion Forward Means That The Choice to Reveal or Conceal is Yours

Keeping abreast of the trends! We love how much coverage (well maybe not that much coverage) nipple pasties have seen on the fashion runways so far in 2023.  It feels like it has been a while but we feel it is absolutely reflective of the fashion forward crowd off the runway.

While the narrative of fashion is written through the lens of couture, couture is inspired by what do women wear and what they want to wear in everyday life.  Pasties are not just a fabulous bedroom accessory for any lingerie fashionista, they are worn in costumes and performances; in street celebrations and in public and private evening attire.  It is the accessory of choice of body confidence but also of culture, community and celebration.

The looks Fashionista Magazine shared in their recent article are sublime.  See:

What their visual coverage did to inspire joy and creative elation in all of us who create and celebrate these bountiful body gems, it lacked the acknowledgement of what people have already accepted off the runway.  Fashionista says that "exposed nipples on the runway might not make anyone blink an eye, but these kinds of looks can feel impractical or out of reach by the time they hit market". This begs the question: does the runway inspire what we wear or does what we wear inspire the runway?  We think the latter.

Pasties started as a modesty measure imposed by "authorities" restricting the extent to what women can reveal while stripping in the 1920s.  I think it is just positively perfect that pasties are now being "revealed" as an integral part of women's fashion. Being in control of what you wear and how you celebrate your body, especially now, is fashion forward.  Let's not go backward.

Sparkle on, gorgeous.

Andrea is a global entrepreneur, speaker, storyteller and passionate community activist. She is the founder & SHE-E-O of Appeeling – a body celebration brand selling fun and flirty pasties that are perfect for every body. See more at

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