5 Ideas for Stay-In Date Night

5 Ideas for Stay-In Date Night

Wear these! It really can be that simple.  One of the beautiful ideas in the past few months I have embraced is how sexy it is to be simple. When you think of date night ideas you can turn everything into a fun and flirty time - especially with the right outfit and the right attitude!

We may not be able to eat at a fancy restaurant or get together with friends, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make time for each other and have some flirty fun! Here are a few ideas to plan a stay-in date night with your love.

1. Wine Tasting

Pick up a few bottles of different vintages and play sommelier. Swirl your glasses, discuss which flavours you taste – perhaps an oaky hint of vanilla or a trace of chocolate and raspberry? Try to guess which bottle is more or less expensive based on taste.


2. Make a Bucket List

Life sure has changed and we all have a new perspective on what makes us happy and what we miss from those pre-pandemic days. Start a bucket list and be sure to include both travel and non-travel items. Consider what you really want to do, together and individually when the world opens up again.


3. Write Love Letters to Each Other

Each of you writes down five things that you love about your partner. Share your points one at a time, expanding on why they rock your world. Let’s see how many you get through before the real fun begins!


4. Go Through Old Photos

Mirror your iPad to your tv and go through your photos. Relive past vacations and family dinners. Reminiscing about good times is sure to put a smile on your face. Plan your next vacation – post COVID. Where will you go and what will you do? It’s pretty much guaranteed that you will appreciate it so much more than before.


5. Dance Party

Push the furniture back and clear a dance floor. Take turns picking songs that remind you of when you met, good times in high school, your wedding, or the latest pop hit. Don’t forget a Barry White tune so you can slow things down and get close.

Do you have more ideas?  Send them to us!  We always love to hear from our friends and fans.  Plan a little fun this weekend.  You are worth it, gorgeous. xo

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