Tassel Tips

Welcome to Tassel Tips! Have you wanted to learn how to twirl but not sure how? Well we have the tips for you. It is not as hard as you think. As @pureivorydotca will show you, all you need are pasties, passion and beautiful you. Get ready, practice and have a whole lot of fun.

Tassel Tips 101: Introduction


Ok - you’ve got your pasties, they have tassels (oriented in the centre of the pastie and not at the bottom of it) and you’re ready to twirl...but how??


Stand up straight - shoulders back - think about getting your skeleton out of the way and just isolating the meat of the body part you’re trying to shake/rotate. When you feel the momentum building up, go with it and let that meat fly (as Toronto Burlesque Artist Dolly Berlin says)


From Jo Weldon, Headmistress of the New York School of Burlesque, and Author of the Burlesque Handbook:

  1. Your tassels are too light or too heavy.
  2. Your tassels are too short or too long.
  3. Your tassels are sewn or otherwise attached too tightly to the pastie to be able to swing.
  4. Your tassels are caught on your sequins, under your pasties, or to your sweat or body lotion.
  5. Your pasties are too flat (usually more likely to be an issue for breast tassels than for assels).
  6. Your pasties are detaching from your skin. Exciting, but not conducive to twirling.
  7. You aren’t bouncing/shaking/flexing hard enough/fast enough/gently enough/deeply enough/enough times to gain momentum.
  8. You are wearing different shoes than those in which you learned to twirl.
  9. You are forcing musicality which unfortunately defies the rhythm required for the physics of twirling.
  10. You are doing a move that you saw work on someone else but haven’t yet accepted does not actually work on you.