Why Try Nipple Pasties

Why Try Nipple Pasties

Nipple pasties, or nipple covers as they are also called first gained popularity in the 1920s and were used by burlesque and exotic dancers to prevent them from breaking anti-toplessness laws.  Since then, however, they have become a form of body expression for many women – and men!

 We love them and here are just three reasons why …

  • Breast pasties are a great alternative if your outfit has plunging necklines, open backs and peek-a-boo sides where a bra just doesn’t work. Nipple covers can make you feel more comfortable when a traditional bra isn’t an option.

  • Feel sexy! If you’re going to wear nipple covers, why not try a pair that dazzle?  Sequins or tassels or a pastie shaped like a heart or a star.  The design options are endless and even if you’re the only person that sees them, you’ll exude more confidence, knowing how sexy you look under that shirt or little black dress!

  • Body empowerment! What started off as a way to “hide” a body part – namely the nipple -- to abide to anti-nudity rules, has become a fashion trend and a testament to changing attitudes toward nudity and body acceptance.

So, whatever your reason may be, we encourage you to give them a try.  Surprise your partner or wear them out on a night on the town. Show them or don’t.  It doesn’t matter because you’ll know they are there and how sexy they make you feel!


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