What Pride Means To Me - Sweet Delilah

What Pride Means To Me - Sweet Delilah

I am so proud of the talented, compassionate and authentic artists we work with.  They are beautiful - inside and out.  Their voices as powerful as their imagery.  Watch, listen and learn.  We can all benefit from the wisdom of others.
"Burlesque and self-portraiture have become forms of self-care for me. And in a society where my size and my skin colour are often dual strikes against me - especially not having grown up with the mindset, but having it thrust upon me as a teenager immigrating here - I have struggled to love my body, or tried to make it fit into various ideals in ways it was never meant to. 
Pride to me has meant exploring and embracing the truth of who I am, holding space for the questioning parts, and learning who and what I want to be, as part of a varied and beautiful community. 
Discovering my own sensuality and my love for my body on my own terms, has been one of the best things I've learned how to do. And especially right now, with the state of the world waking up to the universality of anti-black racism and discrimination, I find it one of the most revolutionary things to declare that my blackness is beautiful."
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