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Wearing Pasties After Breast Surgery:  Q&A with Rubie

Wearing Pasties After Breast Surgery: Q&A with Rubie


Breast surgery, whether it's for augmentation, reduction, reconstruction, or a mastectomy, is a significant life event. After surgery, most are eager to return to their usual routines, including fashion choices that make them feel confident and comfortable. However, if the surgery was not in your life plan, as is the case for most battling breast cancer, there is often a strong emotional journey that accompanies the physical one; the rediscovery of your body and the newfound ways to enjoy the celebration of it. This is exactly 'why' why I started  Appeeling, offering pretty pasties to celebrate EVERY-BODY.  Really, I do believe pasties are body positivity power tools. In this journey , I have had the good fortune of meeting and collaborating with exceptionally talented and gifted artists many of whom become sources of inspiration for me and I trust that they will be for you, too.

We are so pleased to share this completely unedited Q & A with Rubie (@rubiemagnitude).  This is a beautiful, candid insight into how and why to wear pasties post surgery (mastectomy). Thank you Rubie, for being beautiful, strong fashionably fabulous YOU.

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