The Magic of Mina - Reflections From an Appeeling Photo Shoot

The Magic of Mina - Reflections From an Appeeling Photo Shoot

My goodness! This is my third time blogging and modeling for Toronto based glitzy company – BeAppeeling!

I always get so excited receiving parcels from them, I open the drawer (yes they come in their own drawers!) to a whole new shiny world of glimmering pasties and tassels.

As I mentioned in my first blog post for BeAppeeling, they’re all about empowering you and giving you the confidence to take on the world. Not only that but they also give back to the community – a portion of their net proceeds go to charities such as the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation and LGBT Youthline.

Read on, pick your favorites and add to basket!


Honeymoon & Mrs Robinson

Possibly the only thing The Graduates wardrobe was missing. You can totally see Mrs Robinson wearing a set of pasties under those layers of leopard print.

These pasties would be perfect for, well… your Honeymoon! (Congratulations!) Both sets have a luxurious satin base surrounded by highly reflective rhinestones – because the ring isn’t the only thing that should shine on your big day.

Disclaimer – I can’t vouch for how successful these would be as a proposal hint to your other half.

Sea Queen

Do you remember that one shot in my last blog post for BeAppeelling – The one that had a mermaid vibe to it? Well, we decided to expand on it.

These adorable sequin heart-shaped pasties went beautifully with my hair. How could I not want to become a mermaid?! The Sea Queen pasties are a gorgeous aquamarine colour with flecks of gold. The thing I love the most about BeAppeeling pasties is – They’re hard, not flimsy or flat. They actually feel like they’re going to stay put all day! Yes!

Here to Remind You to Get Your ‘5 A Day’

The Strawberry Hotcake and Bite Me sets are so cute.

Strawberry Hotcake has an embroidered stem and leaves topped on a red sequin bed. They’re light and fun, adding a bit of spice to any lingerie set.

The Bite Me set would go perfectly underneath a sheer creme bra or as an alternative to a bikini top for those hot days on the beach. This set sits flat against your skin, the Strawberry Hotcake set sits slightly more pronounced against your skin. Both of which are so incredibly cute, it’s hard to go wrong!


Light up the night with these torch-like flame pasties! They come in two colours, red and green you can settle for one set, but why not have both so you can mix and match?!

These holographic foils catch even the smallest ray of light in the room and their torch-like appearance makes them perfect for any 2020 Olympics opening party.


Pasties fit for a Queen.

They’re encrusted with just the right amount of gold to silver gems, paying homage to the Egyptian queen’s religion worshiping the Sun Disc.

As with my other favorites, (the Josephine Jewel set) the Nefertiti set base is made of silicone, allowing it to adapt to the shape of your chest seamlessly, it also makes them ridiculously comfortable to wear. The chains add gorgeous detail to this set.

This set also has some weight to them, but fear not – the adhesive they come with ensures you won’t have any wardrobe malfunctions.

Run Around Sue

These swirling discs of joy have so many colours. The tassels are made from the softest silk, I don’t think I’ve ever come across tassels made quite this well. They’re also guaranteed to cause a rainbow of colours when you start twirling.

The Run Around Sue tassels are a lot like the Studio 54 ones – Their base is stiff helping them retain their shape and add amazing points to your chest when you wear them.

All Images by Dag Nammett

Whilst these pasties were gifted by BeAppeeling, all reviews are honest and my own.

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What an enchanting glimpse into the world of Mina’s photo shoot! The way you’ve captured the magic behind the scenes is truly mesmerizing. Mina’s natural beauty and charisma seem to effortlessly radiate through each photograph, creating a captivating narrative that draws the viewer in.

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