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Queen of Hearts Box Set Nipple Pasty, Cover Box Set for Burlesque, Lingerie, Valentine's

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This beautiful QUEEN OF HEARTS box set is a sensational gift for someone special and/or a gift for yourself! Full of sparkle and many reasons to celebrate some body special. 5 pairs of some of our most luxe gorgeous reusable pasties for $69.95 (over $100 if purchased individually). This beautiful set is packaged in our signature gift boxes that are perfect for discreet storage.

Pasties included:
1. Miss Taken
2. Roxy Rose (Red)
3. Cher Bare (Red & Black)
4. Hot Tamale
5. Fanny Valentine

If you have ideas for a unique box set, contact us - we would love to hear from you!

Usage: These pasties are perfect for your lingerie outfits, burlesque attire, a public or private stage, raves and festivals, bachelorettes, stocking stuffers and all fashionable one-of-a-kind moments. These pasties are self-adhering with the highest quality hypoallergenic, and latex-free adhesive. Easy and painless to remove. Each package contains one reusable pair of pasties that can be used again and again, with proper storage.

Female owned and Operated: appeeling is owned and operated by women and guided with a passion for body positivity. We value every voice and seek inspiration from our friends and fans around the world. In addition, we always strive to work with passionate entrepreneurs around the world who bring a unique creativity to all of our products.

Giving Back: We started appeeling through one of the owner’s experiences with breast cancer. Through this journey and through the experiences of motherhood, friendship, and all the personas we have to embrace every day, we recognize the power of body positivity and deeply committed to our core principle that EVERYBODY deserves to be celebrated. We are strongly committed to organizations that promote body positivity and donate a portion of all proceeds to Cancer and LGBTQ+ charities.