Our Story

"When life was a hassle, I put on a tassel."

A little idea that stuck…

The idea behind appeeling™ came to me years ago, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time. I sat in a room surrounded by family and friends and my two very young daughters the night prior to my first surgery. Everyone was scared. This was understandable but it did little to help my nerves. I decided then and there, that should I need surgery again, I would create a celebratory event to be held every night before surgery. It would be a celebration of life and a celebration of love. One additional cancer diagnosis and 12 such parties later my inner circle became accustomed to my events aptly named “boobie parties”. It was a fun moment to be reminded about how special life is, and of the beauty we all possess – inside and out.

The last party I had, I ordered an array of nipple pasties for all who came. I had a big bowl full of shiny, happy, glittery pasties for my family and close friends to choose from. People walked around all night with sparkly, fun, and eccentric pasties stuck over their clothing, and decided to put them on the “boobie” cake and anything else they could. Not surprising to say that a little glitter makes people smile. And not only that, but people were now open to talking about their bodies in ways I had never heard before. Confidence and self-love was in abundance. Confidence that I know is a challenge for some when it comes to body positivity. Right then and there I decided that I should not keep this celebration to myself and my close circle, and that if a little glitter made people confident and smile, why not share this with women and men everywhere who want to do the same? 

appeeling™ is a body celebration brand – a brand for every body that wants to sparkle. appeeling™ is for women and men alike who want to celebrate and decorate life any way they choose to — whether it is for a public glow or private show. Simply put, life is too short to not be appeeling™.

A portion of net proceeds goes to The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation and LGBT Youthline. We all need to give back and here we will give to the charity that helps so many lives and to a charity that does so much wonderful work for body positivity.

The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

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LGBT Youth Line

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