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Rock My World

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You're a gem! Decorative Nipple Pasties from appeeling™ are hand-made and reusable. You are a work of art, baby!

Size is 6 cm x 7.5 cm / 2.4 inches x 3 inches

Additional Info

All appeeling™ products are designed for you to celebrate fabulous you. appeeling™ is for every body who wants to celebrate and decorate life any way they choose to — whether it is for a public glow or private show. Be appeeling™ with your favourite outfits, lingerie or simply wear with your beautiful smile.   Have fun with your own brand of sexy, in the creative way only you can do! 

All appeeling™ products are made with latex-free, waterproof adhesive that stay securely in place as long as you like and until they are lovingly removed. The instructions are simple:
• Just peel backing and apply to clean, dry skin;
• Do not swallow
• To reuse replace plastic backing and store;
• All products are shipped in satin bags for discreet storage.

We want to follow your example and make sure that everyone believes they have the right to be body positive. With your order, the appeeling™ family will continue to champion fantastic organizations of body positivity and a portion of all revenue will go to The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation and LGBT Youthline.